Common Horse Grooming Mistakes and The Solutions

We all know that horse grooming isn’t easy. Many small factors go into correctly taking care of a horse, and lots of people choose to cut corners. This results in mistakes that can be damaging to your animal. Today, we will discuss the most common mistakes of horse grooming and what can be done to avoid them.

Leaving blueing/whitening shampoos for too long.

 This one can sound very obvious, yet many people are careless and make this mistake. These products deposit extra color to balance the stains on white horses, and they aren’t designed to lift stains. So leaving them in for too long can result in a tinted horse. The solution is to experiment with time and see how long your horse requires the shampoo to stay on. You can also use some dry shampoo or stain removal before applying shampoo to help remove the stains. Later, use corn starch or baby powder to brighten whatever stain residue is left.

I personally use a full horse grooming kit, this allows me to clean each part of a horse with great detail with satisfactory results.

Letting the tail of your horse get sticky.

There are a few reasons why your horsetail can get sticky, including negligence, usage of too many products, sap, urine, dirty shavings, or footing.

The solution depends on the cause of the sticking. If the source is sap, then you can do some pasture walking to remedy it. You can tie a loose braid to help keep the tail away from urine. Another solution is to take good care of the tail with a horse grooming kit. Conditioners, shampoos, and oils will help repel stains and sticks. In the winter, you can also use horse grooming accessories such as stain removers.

Lines arising when clipping a horse.

 This is a really common grooming mistake and can result from a number of things. Sometimes it is due to uneven pressure, and sometimes the horse may be dirty. Many times it can also be because of the clipper you are using.

Firstly, make sure your horse is super clean, as dirt will destroy clipper blades and form lines on your horse. Then, make sure your hose is oily, so you can add some horse grooming accessories on it beforehand. This will help your clipper blades glide easily. Lastly, make sure your clippers are clean, sharp, and oiled as well. You must oil them once every five minutes as you are clipping.

Using dirty tack or saddle pads.

 As over-scheduled you may be, you should never be careless with grooming. Your horse does not want to wear a dirty bridle on its face or a dirty saddle pad on its body while exercising. Obviously, you can re-use saddle pads, but only if you clean them with a horse grooming kit thoroughly between each use. Let these dry, brush them out, and make sure they are soft and free of any hair or dirt.

If you really must skip any part of horse tack cleaning, then go with the saddle as it’s the one with the least parts that touch the animal. Bridle cleaning is a must since dirt and grime can accumulate and cause sores to develop.

The overall lesson is to never cut corners or try to save time on grooming your horse! Both your horse and you will be thankful that you didn’t.