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Press release from the

Equine Trailblazers Committee

Prime Minister David Cameron has just announced the approval of the Equine Groom and Senior Equine Groom Apprenticeship Standards.


These new apprenticeships have been drawn up by a cross-discipline group representing all facets of equestrianism.  The Steering Group is made up of about 50 individuals at the top of their discipline, wanting to produce complete and practical grooms, with excellent transferable skills and work ethos.  Sue Martin, chairman of the equestrian trailblazers commented “These standards have been carefully formulated to fulfil the government’s aim to produce world class apprentices.”

Prior to submitting the Standards to government for approval, these new standards were publicised via various press channels across the country and received an overall 93% approval from employers, confirming the need for change in preparing the future professionals for the equestrian industry.


Nick Boles, the Minister for Skills,

“Businesses are better placed than anyone to train the next generation of workers and will help us deliver 3 million high-quality apprenticeships by 2020. By designing apprenticeships, employers like Trent Park Equestrian Centre are ensuring that young talented people develop the skills needed to progress up the career ladder and help drive businesses forward.”


This is the first time that the entire equestrian industry has come together to work as a team, highlighting the importance of this vital project.  The second phase is due to start in early September when work on the Assessment plans for these apprenticeships will commence to facilitate the new programme.

Press release from

The British Equestrian Federation 

Equestrian Industry Unites for Apprenticeship Reform

Unprecedented unity by the equestrian industry has led to the successful bid for a new Equine Groom Apprenticeship by the government under their new Trailblazers scheme.   Highlighting everyone’s commitment and supported by Member Bodies of the British Equestrian Federation, the British Horse Racing Authority, Equestrian Charities, The Household Cavalry and The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, polo, and hunting, have aligned to become part of the steering group facilitated by Trent Park Equestrian Centre, to set the standard of this new apprenticeship. scheme   This will give the many strands of the horse world the opportunity to universally work together for the first time to initially create a rounded, educated, practical groom with all the skills for the future of the industry.

As part of the third phase of the government’s apprenticeships initiative announced on 23 October 2014, more than 700 employers are involved and will design 76 new top quality apprenticeships in professions ranging from TV production to welding and including the occupation of equine groom.

Across 37 trailblazing sectors (which make up the Phase Three Trailblazers project), employers are designing new apprenticeships to best meet the skills and needs of their industries. The third phase will bring the total number of employers involved in designing such apprenticeships to more than 1,000.  It is a bold and radical reform and aims to increase the quality of apprenticeships, put employers in the driving seat and to simplify the system and has been welcomed by employers.  The government expect that the successful apprentice will be regarded in the same esteem as a university graduate.   Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Our reforms have empowered businesses small and large to design and deliver world-beating apprenticeships that offer a real route to a successful career.”

Launched in October 2013, the Trailblazers initiative aims to ensure that every apprentice in England is enrolled on a scheme that has been designed and approved by employers. The move is part of a government reform that will see compulsory changes to the way all apprenticeships are run from 2017. Sue Martin of Trent Park Equestrian Centre said “The overall outcome of the reform is to ensure that every industry benefits from a well-trained workforce with transferable skills able to meet the needs of the future economy for years to come.   We will produce a standard of apprenticeship for the equine industry that is world class and builds on existing strengths, with industry and the grooms  benefiting from having specialised training in their chosen field.”

Skills Minister Nick Boles commented, “I congratulate the equestrian Trailblazer team for the key role it is playing in developing new top quality apprenticeships. Through the Trailblazer initiative companies like Trent Park Equestrian Centre, in collaboration with their industry partners, will give  people the skills they need to thrive and our businesses need to compete .” 



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